Divorce Mediation Offer

Helping you to navigate cost - effectively through divorce.


The decision to separate can be emotionally and financially draining. Supported Mediation offers you the unique opportunity to finalise your divorce and resolve financial arrangements at a capped cost with the assistance of both a family lawyer and a family mediator.

You and your partner will each be offered 10.5 hours of legal assistance and 4.5 hours of joint mediation for only £2,900 plus VAT.

Occasionally, the unexpected happens or you may simply wish to have more time with your lawyer or mediator, in which case you can agree extra time at an additional cost. 


This process will suit you if you wish to keep control of the cost of your divorce proceedings and actively participate in any decisions regarding your future finances. You will have the additional confidence of having your family lawyer supporting you throughout the process.

The scheme is designed for those with joint incomes not exceeding £100,000 per annum and whose combined UK assets and pensions do not exceed £1.5 million.

Please click here for a leaflet which explains the process in more detail.